We Support The Military Charities Healing Our Nation's Heroes

The brave men and women charged with defending our freedom are hurting. They feel hopeless and forgotten. Close to 300,000 members of our military have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the past 12 years. Many have returned with mental scars that may never heal. An estimated 20% of Service members will be affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a deployment.

Our military families are suffering. Every year, nearly 30,000 military marriages end in divorce. More than 2 million American children have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. At least 19,000 of those children have had a parent wounded in action. Over 2,200 of those children have experienced the pain of losing a parent. 

Nearly 1 million of our nation’s veterans are jobless. On any given night, an astounding 62,619 veterans are without a home. And every day, 22 veterans take their own life.

Our military, veterans and their families deserve better and we’re on a mission to support the organizations that can give it to them. All across the nation, small community-based charities started by men and women with a passion for helping our military are working quietly, but mightily, to support our nation’s heroes. Often working long hours with an army of volunteers on shoestring budgets, they are determined to bear a burden many are not willing to carry.

The ASMBA STAR Foundation was created to support these military charities because they are making an impact in the lives of our military family. We won’t stop until every member of our Armed Forces, every veteran, every military child, and every military family is connected with the services they need to heal.


Great strides have been made in getting our soldiers, veterans and their families the help they need. The STAR Foundation’s mission is to support the charities that are healing our nation’s heroes. We’ve helped over 100 of these organizations so far and we hope you’ll help us support 100 more!


The brave men and women who make up our Armed Forces put their lives on the line daily to protect each and every one of us simply because they believe in this country. They deserve our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude. We can’t think of a better way to offer our thanks than to assist the small charities getting the job done in their communities.


The struggles of our warriors and their families are great and their burdens are heavy. Many feel forgotten and hopeless. They accepted the burden to protect and defend, expecting nothing in return. Now it’s our turn to carry the burden and to acknowledge the difficulties they face in the wake of their service.


It is our duty as Americans to remember the sacrifices made every day by the heroes who protect our country. Many have come home with heartbreaking physical and emotional wounds. And we must never forget the families and loved ones of those who never came home at all.